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"What Comes Next?"

Inpatient medical rehabilitation can transform your life — helping your strength, skills and independence, getting you home sooner, and helping you return to work, school or leisure activities you love. You'll benefit from the expert care, innovative treatment and advanced technologies provided by a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists.

Led by a physiatrist, a board-certified physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, your team may include rehabilitation nurses, physical, occupational, cognitive and respiratory therapists; speech language pathologists; psychologists and neuropsychologists; dietitians; pharmacists; prosthetists; orthotists; recreation therapists; social workers/case managers; and other clinical and support staff. Together, they will tailor treatment to your needs, goals and hopes for the future.

You and your family may find yourselves asking the daunting question of “What comes next?” 

The patients below chose inpatient medical rehabilitation as the next step in their recovery journeys. Read their stories and learn about the treatment and encouragement they received, their courage and determination, their challenges and their triumphs.

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Anchored by Faith

It began as a normal Sunday morning.

Chattanoga TV news anchor LaTrice Currie was about leave her house to go to church when something happened that forever changed her life.

Finding herself dizzy on the floor of her kitchen and unable to recall the moments before she collapsed, LaTrice grabbed her phone – which was within reach luckily – and called a friend for help.

What occurred after was a blur that almost ended in her losing her life.

“I somehow managed to get to the door, although I fell and cut my face. I remember someone grabbing my hand and touching my face.  I remember them putting me in the ambulance, and that's the last thing I remember for about three weeks.”

She was immediately admitted in the intensive care unit of Erlanger Medical Center where she coded five times in two days.

Our Story - LaTrice Currie (Wide) 2

Struck with a pulmonary embolism, her doctors said that she was the “sickest patient in the hospital” at the time, and while compressions were necessary to resuscitate her and save her life, they resulted in severe, long-lasting internal damage. 

Three weeks later, LaTrice woke up.

Our Story - LaTrice Currie (Square-Inline) 4She was grateful to be alive but knew a long journey to recovery was ahead of her.

Anchored by her faith, uplifted with the support of friends and family and backed by an expert care team at local Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation, LaTrice embarked on that journey knowing she was in good hands.

“If there's any doubt in your heart about miracles, you're looking at a walking, living, breathing miracle.”

While some uncertainty about her future lingered, she placed her trust in her inpatient medical rehabilitation doctors, nurses and staff, and from day one’s therapy session, she began making small steps that led to big strides.

Working for over a month through a treatment program tailored to her specific goals, LaTrice continued to push herself to regain the life she nearly lost on that fateful Sunday morning.

Through faith, dedication and love, she did just that.

“If there's any doubt in your heart about miracles, you're looking at a walking, living, breathing miracle.”

Today, LaTrice is back on the screen as Channel 3’s beloved and trusted anchor, delivering news to the local community that she cares so much about.

And inpatient medical rehabilitation helped get her there.

Watch the LaTrice tell her story in her own words in this special video segment below aired on Channel 3.

Learn more about Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation and the inpatient medical rehabilitation care services it provides.

Are you an AMRPA member interested in submitting a story? Visit our submissions page to learn more.

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