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"What Comes Next?"

Inpatient medical rehabilitation can transform your life — helping your strength, skills and independence, getting you home sooner, and helping you return to work, school or leisure activities you love. You'll benefit from the expert care, innovative treatment and advanced technologies provided by a multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists.

Led by a physiatrist, a board-certified physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, your team may include rehabilitation nurses, physical, occupational, cognitive and respiratory therapists; speech language pathologists; psychologists and neuropsychologists; dietitians; pharmacists; prosthetists; orthotists; recreation therapists; social workers/case managers; and other clinical and support staff. Together, they will tailor treatment to your needs, goals and hopes for the future.

You and your family may find yourselves asking the daunting question of “What comes next?” 

The patients below chose inpatient medical rehabilitation as the next step in their recovery journeys. Read their stories and learn about the treatment and encouragement they received, their courage and determination, their challenges and their triumphs.

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A Miracle Story

Kevin Crump, 49, has always been a busy man. A builder who can create anything, Kevin also loves archery, hiking, fishing, and hunting. He lives in Glasgow, KY, with his wife. Amy. They met when they were eleven and still have “googling eyes” for each other. The Crumps have one daughter and recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. Kevin and Amy like to spend their time volunteering in their community and as members of Jehovah’s Witness.

A healthy man, Kevin rarely ever needed medication. But earlier in the year, Kevin began experiencing headaches. After returning from a cruise with Amy, Kevin had to be taken to TJ Samson Hospital in Glasgow. Doctors diagnosed him with meningitis, possibly from bird droppings. But his case was so different UK Hospital sent him to Medical Center of Bowling Green.

Kevin’s health continued to falter. He underwent a lumbar puncture, experienced swelling of his brain, and had a stroke. He saw specialists from the neuro and infectious disease departments at the hospital. Because of all the medicine, Kevin’s kidneys were checked every six hours.

Doctors informed Amy to prepare herself because “people do not overcome this.”

Following his initial treatments, Kevin needed intensive inpatient rehabilitation to regain strength and function. His physicians referred Kevin to SKY Rehab Hospital in Bowling Green.

The first two weeks Kevin spent at SKY went according to plan. But his third week proved challenging. After completing his therapy for the day, a dietary aide came to set up his tray. Kevin had told Amy he wanted Taco Bell, so she had left to get him some. But the dietary aide noticed Kevin was acting differently. So she grabbed the wound care nurse, Courtney, from the hallway.

Kevin was coding in his room.

Courtney brought Kevin back to life. Debbie DeWitt from case management called Amy to let her know what was happening. Amy was so grateful for the staff’s close attention to her husband, which ultimately saved his life.

Kevin had experienced a pulmonary embolism set in both lungs. He underwent further testing at Medical Center of Bowling Green. A heart attack and brain bleed caused the pulmonary embolism, and Kevin began having seizures due to his failing health. Doctors informed Amy to prepare herself because “people do not overcome this.”

Kevin Crump Outdoors

Doctors wanted to place a trach quickly, though following time in prayer, Amy and the family requested a few days for Kevin’s body to heal. Kevin spent the next ten days on life support. Slowly, nurses and doctors noticed changes. He gave them a thumbs up, then began to follow the doctors with his eyes. After a follow-up with Dr. Nathoo, a neurosurgery specialist, Kevin was released. Dr. Nathoo stated that Kevin’s brain had shifted, and he was healed.

Kevin returned to SKY for a second round of inpatient rehabilitation. By this point, Kevin couldn’t walk or sit on the side of his bed. He had a feeding tube, a catheter, and a shunt in his head. But Kevin approach his rehabilitation with the same focus and determination as his first visit and made significant gains. He can now walk, talk, and problem solve. He has returned to a regular diet, is mobile, and is independent with his activities of daily living.

Kevin and Amy want to especially thank Melissa and Ann from physical therapy, Haley from occupational therapy, Sylvia and Melanie from speech therapy, and of course, Courtney.

“I am so thankful to have all the prayers said on my behalf,” Kevin shared.

Having met all his goals, Kevin finally returned home after months away. “I never thought this would happen,” said Amy. “This is a miracle story.” He progressed so far that Kevin won’t even need the ramp his family built for him at home.

However, Kevin’s recovery journey isn’t quite finished yet. He will continue with outpatient therapy at TJ Samson Outpatient. He looks forward to seeing everyone and enjoying some deer loins and elk steak, and his goals include returning to work soon.

This story was originally published by SKY Rehab Hospital. Edits and additions have been made for clarity and style. All photos are credited to SKY Rehab Hospital.

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